Being single is not an easy task although people around you will make it look easy it’s definitely not, doing everything all by yourself is very boring but at times you can’t help it because you don’t have control about it. Many people who have not gone through this phase will not understand what it means to be alone, it takes discipline and self-consciousness to stay sane all through this period.

One major thing most people forget about this phase is the freedom aspect of it or better put the lengthy space for self-discovery and development. When singlehood is effectively utilized it can end up being the best moments of anyone’s life but often times most people capitalize on the loneliness aspect of it which ultimately robs them of the blissful joy of singlehood.

Singleness is never and can never be a curse but our today’s society has mounted so much pressure on the single folks making it feel like being single is a cure but personally, I don’t think so. In every situation and phase we find ourselves in life there are hidden blessings attached to it only if you’re very sensitive and calculative. Self-development should be the major focus of the single folks because marriage whether we like it or not comes with certain limitations.

Singlehood to me is the best moments to chase your dreams passionately, it’s the only moments in life that comes with so much freedom and adventures, so many explorations and experiences that will help you grow stronger and more ready for the next phase. Don’t give in to peer pressure or the societies because their opinion about your life does not really count, make sure you enjoy every moment of your single life and don’t forget to be yourself and keep everything around you as real as possible.

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