It can be very frustrating to put so many efforts in a particular venture and yet everything seems to be crawling or at a standstill. Nothing kills ones hustling spirits than unprogressing dreams but in the midst of all this don’t underestimate the power of time, everything takes time so be patient.

It may seem God is to slow to show up for you or he doesn’t see your secret tears, hidden sweats and stress but trust me every big dream you see in reality today started the very same way you started, the pass through the very same ordeal your going through right now and they once prayed the exact same prayer your praying now, everything takes time so be patient.

Building up your dreams requires patience, consistency, hard work and perseverance; nothing comes to anyone on the platter of gold, you have to work hard and wait for it.

Your peers may be doing better than you, they may be far ahead of you, remember life’s journey is not how far but how well, it’s not how fast but how best the journey has been. Don’t be in competition with anybody but be in competition with yourself to be better than the person you were yesterday.

Your today does not really count if you’re busy building your tomorrow, the things you don’t have today doesn’t mean you can’t have them tomorrow if you work hard for them.

Life is one step at a time, don’t be in a haste, you will surely get to your destination if you don’t give up.




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