Building your relationship on friendship is the best foundation you can lay for a strong and lasting relationship; friendship sustains the relationship in moments where love is weak.

Being your partner’s best friend is the best thing you can do for your relationship because it will bring more trust, confidence and reliability to the relationship. It’s simply amazing how your partner can be your best friend and lover at the the same time

Friendship helps a relationship stay strong, friendship adds more spice in a relationship, friendship is the sauce that keeps most relationship sweet and inspiring, friendship provides a platform in which the two people involve can totally be themselves around their partner without being scared of being misjudged, friendship gives the platform for acceptability making two different individuals understand their individual uniqueness yet are totally okay with it, friendship brings understanding in the most difficult moments in the relationship, friendship brings unity of purpose etc. There is no perfect and inspiring couples or relationships who do not practice pure friendship or who are simply not friends. Friendship is the bedrock of solid relationships today.

TRUE LOVE still exists and LOVE is a beautiful thing.







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