Being in a relationship can be an exciting thing especially if you have been single for a while but there are certain things that kill a relationship if you are not mindful of it. A beautiful relationship is not a one-sided thing, it requires work from the two-party involves, if you leave the relationship for just person to run then that is definitely not a relationship. It takes two to tango, so for your relationship to work you have to put in extra efforts.

While you’re busy falling in love and enjoying every moment of it, there are certain thing/habits that make the relationship die a natural death, below are those things that you should avoid if you want your relationship to last.

  1. THIRD PARTY- It’s very normal to introduce your date to your friends after all what are friends’ for but making your friend to be a third party in your relationship is very risky. There are certain events that happen in your relationship that you shouldn’t involve your friends or family no matter what. There are some beautiful relationships that would have stood the taste of time but were lost to external influences, always remember that is not everyone who smiles with you that genuinely wants the best for you, some of the people you think are your friends are enemies in disguise. Be very careful about external influences in your relationship.


  1. PRIDE AND EGO- Pride has every tendency to destroy any relationship be it platonic or a romantic affair. So many people detest a proud partner because it makes them feel they are in one way or the other better than their partner. A relationship is a teamwork and it takes only two successful team players to make it work. If you think you’re probably better than him or she then you shouldn’t be dating them in the first place. You don’t have to prove your superiority in your relationship, it’s not a completion for goodness sake…’s a relationship. Learn to apologize to your partner when you’re at fault it won’t take anything from you, communicate with your partner as often as you can don’t wait for him to be the only one calling, calls him too when you feel like talking to him, it doesn’t mean anything.


  1. UNFORGIVENESS- Unforgiveness can kill a relationship faster than you think, it’s very normal for your partner to offend you and act very annoying most of the times if you truly love them you should learn how to forgive them and also forget it. True forgiveness takes time so don’t feel pressured to forgive your partner immediately they wrong you, take your time before doing it, let the forgiveness be at your own terms and not their terms.


  1. DISRESPECT- Every man demands respect and loyalty from the woman they love and cherish, a woman that constantly bash them in public or amongst his friends is a No No for the guys. If you truly love your man you should give him the respect he deserves no matter what you have or what you have achieved.


  1. DON’T LOOSE YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS OF BEING IN LOVE- It’s very important to have a very close and mutual relationship with your partner, coupling up and all the rest but what I won’t advise you to do is to forget about yourself while being in love with him/her. You need to retain your individuality in any relationship that you find yourself be it platonic or romantic. Spending all your time with your partner doesn’t mean those moments will turn out to be the most romantic scenes of your relationship, don’t lose yourself because you have found love. Try your best to chase your dreams and visions in life while being happily loved by someone.
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